The Jogging Begins . . . And Stalls

I got my jogging stroller! I found an AWESOME deal on Ebay that I couldn’t pass up. Saved me a couple hundred bucks on a brand new Bob! Since we’ve been spending quite a bit on baby over the last few months it was nice to get a great deal.

I LOVE my jogging stroller. Not only because it is a quality product and so far has been easy to jog with, but the newfound freedom this stroller provides is priceless. I get out of the house, baby and I can do something together besides the survival necessities (feeding, cuddling, sleeping), and it seriously helps me cope with all the responsibilities of being a new mom.


There she is! So . . . before any of you get all judgmental on me . . . please know that I have taken every precaution to jog safely with my baby girl. After consulting other jogging moms in my Stroller Warriors group and talking with my husband we decided that it would be safe as long as she was not being jostled around! The solution to that problem is a Snuzzler! This thing fits around her so nicely and she stays put (especially her head which is the most important thing). But, its not like I can run very fast right now anyway – I’m at a serious snail pace. I’m ok with that, really. Not only am I pushing a stroller, and a baby, and baby things, but I also haven’t jogged since before getting pregnant, and am about 30 pounds heavier than my per-pregnancy weight.Β  I will get faster with time and lots of jogging.

My goal was to get in 3 jogs per week and I was able to do that two weeks ago! Then my shins started hurting to the point that jogging was painful and all I could do was walk. So, last week I took a break and tried to keep off my feet the best I could. This week my legs are feeling much better, though still sore and so I am back to walking 3 times per week until they are healed. Another goal I have is to lift weights 2-3 times per week, but since I will be doing that at home it all depends on my daughter’s sleep schedule and so far she doesn’t like to sleep much during the day unless it is in my arms!

Day at the Park!

I have a confession . . .

So far I have only been to the gym once since having Sierra and as much as I loved getting back in the weight room, I was honestly depressed and cried the whole way home. Curse those mirrors! I have SO far to go, and I don’t look anywhere near what I did before getting pregnant and I can’t lie and say I was happy about it. I couldn’t even do one pull-up. This pregnancy took a toll on my body and I am getting used to having to take things slowly. I am not quite ready to share my progress pictures, but will at some point. So far trying to lose those pregnancy pounds has been hard and trying especially as I am figuring out how to do while nursing and taking care of a newborn. I am making fitness and my health a priority and will eventually reach my goals (though probably not fast enough), and for those hard days I will constantly tell myself this:


Love those cute baby memes. So, here’s to making goals in September! To help me reach them, I joined the No Excuse Moms Transformation Challenge! Can’t say how much progress I’ll make in 12 weeks, but you can be sure I will do my best!



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