On The Road!

Just a few reasons I am super excited today:

1. I am going home to see my family and friends I haven’t seen in forever!

2. I discovered a new ice-cream that is super low calorie, high protein, and guess what!? Has less than 3g of sugars and those come from Stevia!

3. I just got a brand new workout tank in the mail (I love new workout tanks!)

4. I get to use my new Isobag for my trip!

BUT . . .

1. I will be gone for 3 weeks and am nervous about finding gyms to workout in, or figuring out what to do when I don’t have access to one (yay body weight workouts) and I am super nervous about staying on my meal plan and meeting my nutritional goals

2. This new ice cream doesn’t exist where I live yet 😦 But no worries! I know where to find it in California and Utah . . . just to see if this stuff lives up to its hype.

3. I honestly don’t really need a new workout tank . . . but this one is pink, and cute, and I got it from FitAmy . . . check out my Instagram!

4. Using my new Isobag means I am going to be prepping and bringing a lot of foods with me on my trip to help me stay in line with my goals!


And number 4 is mostly what this post is about. Today I documented my process for packing and prepping the foods and other things I will need while I am gone for 3 weeks. There are some things I can buy while there, but there are some things (like protein powder) that I DON’T want to be with out. Traveling is crazy, and I will be at the graces of my family and friends and so I want to make this as easy as possible and manageable. The reality is I will not be able to stick to my meal plan 100% of the time, and so I am not going to hold myself accountable to that. Instead, I have a set amount of calories that I can eat each day, as well as macros that I will need to hit in order to make sure all the hard work I’ve put in the last 8 months isn’t for nothing! (My body has an insane ability to gain weight and revert back to its “happy place” if I go off plan for even a week! And my body’s “happy place” is not my happy place, so I can’t let this happen!)


Travel PrepSo here are just a few things that I make sure to not leave without!!!

1. Protein powder! I think I made about 25 little bags of measured out protein powder! Hopefully that is enough.

2. Beef jerky – portioned into 2 ounce bags

3. QUEST BARS – These are a great bar for traveling because they have a lot of protein powder

4. Fish Oil supps & Multivitamins – enough for all 21 days

5. Protein Pancake mixes (I made 4) & Protein Bar Mix

6. My Isobag

7. My huge water bottle

8. Stevia packets

9. Crystal Light liquid

10. My shaker bottle!

11. And tomorrow I will prep some fresh food to take with me (like sugar snap peas and some chicken!)

All this stuff fits in my Isobag and is going to help keep me on track! I have a list of things I will buy while I am there . . . but my goal is to have at least 2-3 meals prepped at all times! I am also going to track all my calories on my favorite app: MyNetDiaryPro.

This girl is tired and ready for a good nights sleep before tomorrow!

photo 2

New Tank from @FitAmySuzanne #becauseglutes



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