360 Days Seems to Be Getting Easier

Maybe I am in a good phase right now . . . but being surrounded by treats hasn’t bothered me much lately. I made brownies for some guests we had over for dinner last Saturday night and it didn’t bother me that I couldn’t touch them. I had a piece of my chocolate, but I was doing great! There are treats everywhere it seems, and I do notice them, but I always tell myself I can’t have them even if I don’t actually feel like eating them. If i’m hungry, I can go find a healthy alternative.

Perhaps it is also because I eat on a meal plan. I count my calories, and I make sure I meet my macros (proteins, carbs, fats) every day. Once I’ve eaten all that yummy food, then I don’t eat any more, and this is all to help me reach my awesome goals!

Something else to help me reach my goals . . .


I got my very first Isobag!!! I have been wanting one of these for months and finally got one as an early birthday present from my parents!!! Thing is, I will be traveling for 3 weeks this summer and being away from home makes it so hard to stay on plan!! This baby will help me stick to my plan and keep me from undoing all the hard work I’ve put in over the past few months . . . actually the past 8 months! So happy, so happy!

Going on 44 days strong!


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