360 Days . . . Bring On the Chocolate

So, for those of you just hopping onto my blog you should read this post so you know what all this 360 stuff is about . . . mostly me turning my life around, but in a specific way. Those of you following along can refer back to that post and this post if you really want to remember what the guidelines were that I set for myself. Because something BIG just happened and it is this:


Lily's Chocolate

Do you see that little green NO SUGAR ADDED banner? I CANNOT wait to try this bar (and all the other’s Lily’s offers).

So how did this happen? How did I find this little bar of heaven in all the expanse of the interwebs? It all started with Instagram. I was scrolling down and noticed a recipe one of my fitness gurus posted . . . Her name is @Jazzythings, and you should check her out if you’re even remotely interested in fitness stuff. She had several recipes that she used dark chocolate chips and she mentioned they were sweetened with stevia. I was super excited and ventured my way over to Vitacost.com to see if her claim was legit . . . and it was. But, then I found this scrumptious bar above! And I about died in my seat. How could this exist? I quickly checked the ingredients list to make sure I wasn’t being tricked. And guess what, the stevia is one of the LAST ingredients on the list.

Ok, so for those of you that did go back and read my post about what my guidelines are you would have seen “Chocolate of any kind” on that list. And this is the reason I put chocolate on my no list:

ritteralpine0708    ritteralpinewithsugar

That is 20 grams of sugar in one serving of my favorite chocolate bar! Oh my gosh that is a ton. Even the dark chocolate bars have 14-18 grams of sugar in them. And I knew this when I wrote my post and so I included chocolate on there because I didn’t think chocolate existed without refined sugar. But, I was wrong and am oh so happy! And I do also want to point out that I am not justifying this chocolate, but part of the point of this whole challenge is to find alternatives that are healthier for me. (Though it is very hard to find alternatives for very sugary things, so that usually means going without!) Now, I’m NOT going to binge on my new chocolate bar. I promise. I will savor it as a small treat here and there. Besides, chocolate is actually really good for you! Especially kinds that are dark and have a higher cocoa content. So, I am super stoked to get a little brown box on my doorstep this week containing this deliciousness! (Side note: head over to vitacost and check out all the amazing products they have to offer! Use this code  to get and awesome deal of $10 off your first order!)

This past week was tough, especially with 4th of July apple pie and ice cream I couldn’t partake of. And everyone seemed to be posting pictures of their holiday treats . . . so I have been feeling a lot of cravings lately. But no worries! I stayed strong by working out and eating healthy! Stay tuned for a post on my favorite go to healthy recipes!

35 Days Strong!


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