360 Days & Blueberry Pie

So we have this AMAZING blueberry patch about 10 miles from my house and let’s just say I’ve been there picking blueberries quite frequently. Well, my friend Nanci and I found this one row that had deliciously sweet blueberries. They were SO sweet and I thought to myself what a great pie those blueberries would make.



I can’t have pie because it has sugar in it. I thought to myself . . . what if I made a pie without sugar in it? Surely these blueberries were sweet enough by themselves, this could work, couldn’t it? So, I picked and picked until I had way to many blueberries and hustled home to get some in the freezer (ok, I actually didn’t get them in the freezer for a few days) to patiently await their shining moment to be part of the most amazing sugar-free pie ever!

Well that time came this last Sunday. Nanci invited me over on account of both our husbands being busy with studying. And we decided it was time to make that pie. We didn’t put sugar in the crust or in the pie filling. I’m thinking this pie is looking awesome and couldn’t wait for it to get in the oven. We did decide so mash some very sweet pineapple and added about 1/4 cup of the juice to the pie to help with the sweetness factor.




Into the oven it went and in the meantime we made some banana oatmeal cookies that turned out to be more like banana oatmeal breakfast bars on account of the limited ingredients (bananas and oatmeal). When the pie FINALLY came out of the oven it smelled SOOOO delicious! The filling oozed out a bit so we let it rest and cool before eating. Then we DOVE into that sugar free blueberry pie. And I just want to say that we did not add ANY sugar at all. No white sugar, or brown sugar, or even zero calorie sweeteners like stevia, or truvia, or splenda. We didn’t add any of that stuff.

011 012

Sure looks scrumptious. But, looks can be deceiving and they were. We bit into our pie expecting this melt-in-your-mouth buttery dessert and it just did not meet that expectation. AT ALL. We decided that it was more like a breakfast pie, but in order to be a dessert in definitely needed sugar. Too bad for us, that sweet tooth was not satiated.

Lesson learned – a pie without sugar is not dessert. And treat without sugar is not dessert.

Nice try I guess.Β  A girl can dream right? And this is part of my 360 days . . . to experiment with commonly eaten foods and make them healthier! My pie didn’t turn out how my imagination wanted it to be, but hey, at least we tried and now we know! At least the crust turned out all buttery and everything nice like that πŸ™‚

Keep On Keeping On! 24 days STRONG!


2 thoughts on “360 Days & Blueberry Pie

  1. that pie looks delicious! πŸ™‚

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