360 Days . . . Setting Up For Success

7 down and 353 days to go! I’d say my no sugar streak is going pretty well! This week wasn’t too difficult for me to say no to sugar. Yes, there were some treats leftover from Sam’s birthday, but I actually didn’t like them too much so it wasn’t hard to stay away. I did stay out of the ice cream aisle when I went grocery shopping yesterday, just to help steer my thoughts in the right direction!

Though I’m only a week down it is time to start preparing myself for success later on down the road. The first couple of weeks will be easy because I am super motivated. But with Disneyland in July, and a family reunion in August . . . I better have my guard up and strong!

Here are some tips to help you (and me) stay on track and reach the end of your goal with success!

1. Make visual reminders – One goal I have this week is to create a vision board. Basically a poster with a countdown, some inspirational quotes, some nice pictures, and a list of my goals. Having a visual reminder can help you stay on track. The key is to create it when you are super motivated and don’t hesitate to change things up a few weeks down the road to keep it fresh and exciting to see every day!

2. Write down WHY you are doing your challenge and put it somewhere you can read daily or weekly – This is something I will add to my vision board. It is so important to remember why you started something especially when you are having a rough day. Then you can read your own thoughts during a mindset of when you were motivated. Remember to make this detailed and not vague!

3. Look to others & apps for motivation – I have several fitness people I follow on Instagram, and I also peruse the Health & Fitness section of Pinterest, and visit sites like Bodybuilding.com’s forum and Fitboard. Seeing others successes and inspirational posts help me stay on track especially on days I don’t feel like going to the gym or sticking to my plan.

4. Avoid things that play to your weakness – For me it is the ice cream aisle. So, when I’m at the grocery store I just don’t go down it. I also don’t buy things I can’t eat. If it isn’t in my house, then it won’t get eaten. This principle applies to other things as well besides just avoiding food. If your goal is to DO something a certain amount of times during the week or daily, then get that thing done FIRST! Don’t wait until later in the day to get something done . . . otherwise it may not get done. (If I don’t get to the gym before 1pm, my chances of going decrease drastically. That is why I always try and get it done asap!)

5. Practice the power of discipline – See something you really want now? Set it aside and tell yourself you can have it later. This is for those that choose to have 1 treat a week, or something like that. Setting foods you really want now, aside, to your “treat bowl” will help you make a better decision when it comes time to gorge on those goodies. Perhaps you really don’t want that cookie because the brownie is so much better and you end up eating less overall! Check out this awesome article on will-power!

6. Don’t be too hard on yourself – If you happen to mess up . . . don’t be too hard on yourself. We are our own worst critic and this is something that has taken me a long time to understand. If I messed up with my health/fitness I would go through these downward spirals that would leave me far behind where I was when I started. And then I would have to find motivation to get up and going again. I learned that I am not perfect, but it is better to keep your head up and continue on doing your best and get back on track as soon as you can. Because really in the grand scheme of things you are OK!

7. Enjoy this moment – I will have to remind myself of this periodically. To just enjoy this entire year of no sugar and view it as an opportunity to increase my mind-body connection. An opportunity to really challenge my mental capacity when I REALLY WANT that treat. Instead of viewing this with a negative perspective and thinking about all the things I can’t have .Β  .Β  . I will instead strive to enjoy all the healthy things I am putting into my body and have a happy positive perspective about it! Take this time to try new things, for me that will be recipes using fruit to sweeten them instead of sugar and to try fruits and other foods i’ve never tried before.


I have so many things I can do this week to help me on my journey! I cannot stress how important it is to set perimeters to help you be successful!


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