360 Days Without . . .

I’m on a journey to live a healthier life . . . and to find a balance between what my body craves and what it needs . . . and on this quest my end goal is to find a happy place where I can sustain this new lifestyle not just for now, but for when we start our family too.

I am addicted to sugar, I think (my husband would probably say YES). I LOVE sweets and I want them all the time. Ice cream is my favorite and I could eat it every day (and sometimes I do). I don’t bake as much as I used to because I would just eat it all, unless my husband got to it first. I’m not the type to eat it all in one sitting (unless it is a pint of ice cream and I’m watching a movie) but I do like to save some for later to make the treat last longer.


The problem is, I am pretty sure this sugar consumption is inhibiting my fitness goals and I will never reach my ideal body composition unless I do something about it. Yes, I count calories . . . but if I could trade 200 calories in chicken and rice for some ice cream . . . I would do it every time. Yes, I can abstain from it for weeks, even months at a time and only eat it in moderation, but at the end of that period of time I always binge and lose control and not only am I eating ice cream, i’m also eating chocolate (did I mention how much I love Ritter Sport Milk Almond bars?? YUM!), and whatever treat I think I won’t be able to get once I get back on plan. Horrible cycle.


So . . . I have been bouncing this idea in my head for many months now . . . but not ready to commit because this plan of mine is a HUGE commitment. Some people will say its stupid, and many may say it is unnecessary. But here it goes . . .

I am going to go 360 days without sugar*

Β *and what I mean by sugar is sweets, candy, baked treats and goodies loaded with the white powdery stuff. No soda (not that I really drink it anyway), no ice cream, no cookies, brownies, reeses peanut butter cups, Ritter Sport bars, sugar cereals, fruity drinks, jams . . . none of that. For 360 days.

There are a few exceptions which I will explain below . . . but first, I want to invite anyone insterested to join me. You don’t have to abstain from treats, but can choose something in your own life that is a weakness you would like to strengthen. I will create a facebook group for support for anyone interested! I will be starting on June 2nd, which gives you guys some time to think about your own challenge!

Exception to my challenge:

Fruit is ok, and so are zero calorie sweeteners, like Stevia, in moderation. (I do use them to lightly sweeten my plain greek yogurt and sometime oats in the morning, but that is about it). There is usually sugar, or sugar alcohols in the protein powder I use 1-2 times a day, which is ok. I will post a more comprehensive list on the first day of the challenge, and will update my blog and facebook group on a weekly basis to keep tabs on my progress.

I chose 360 days because there are 5 of which I am giving myself the green light to eat a treat in moderation. These days include my birthday, my husband’s birthday, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s day.

I like to challenge myself . . . and this won’t be easy. I feel that if I can do this one day at a time, by the time i reach my end goal I will be happier, healthier, fitter, and overall ecstatic that I was able to accomplish something so seemingly impossible. I know some people will say this is too extreme, but what is the point of living if you’re not trying new things to get better results? Why not live without something you feel you are addicted to and see if life improves? Why not get in better tune with your body through better nutrition. My body doesn’t NEED sugar, it just wants it. This is just about getting a better body . . . this is about becoming a better me. Learning to have better self-control and discipline. To say no and not indulge. And, when the time comes, to enjoy a little treatΒ  . . . and who knows, maybe I won’t like it! (HAHA)

So who is with me!!!!!?

Have I mentioned my extrinsic reward yet!!!? (Because I am all about extrinsic rewards).

If I go 360 days without sweets . . . I am giving myself $500 to spend on workout clothes, dresses, shoes, a new pair of jeans, or whatever else I want (not food). And you all should reward yourselves too!


The countdown begins, and now that I have published this post I have committed myself to something I haven’t been ready to commit to yet.



Let’s hope I’m ready in 2 weeks!




2 thoughts on “360 Days Without . . .

  1. You are brave! I have a terrible sweet tooth too. I’m the exact same way with baking. I have to give 90% of it away or I eat it all. I don’t know if I can commit to a whole year without sweets yet though. One goal at a time for me. πŸ™‚ This year’s goal is 3-6 workouts a week.

    • everythingaleah

      Kate! Yes, 360 days is a super long time. Feel free to join my group with your goal and we can all support each other there!

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