Sometimes Life Gets Just a Little Too Crazy

Forgive my lack of posting in the last month. Life has been a little busy!

  • I started a business as a rep for Agnes & Dora
  • My husband and I moved 2 states over with 5 days notice.
  • And it took about a week to unpack and get settled in.

Within that time . . .

  • I have not been to the gym once (although we went running twice last week and I ended up doing over 20 pullups each time . . . not in one set)
  • I have not been eating on plan (a week before the move we started eating up as much as we could and the fresh stuff went first, and the only foods during the final days before the moves were easy to make meals because my kitchen stuff was all packed. All I know is Digiorno frozen pizza is disgusting.)

And . . . I CANNOT wait to get back in the gym! I know I have put on some weight and I know my body is sick of all the junk I’ve been putting in it.

I also am excited to start Bootcamp with Moxie Full Body! Definitely need something to whip by butt into shape and get me ready for beach weather! Since we are in Florida, and 30 minutes from the beach . . . I can only imagine I’ll be frequenting it often to soak up some sun!

Life get’s busy for all of us. But when it comes to the week to week stuff, it usually isn’t hard to stay on track and stay motivated. Throwing a move in there made it so hard for me because we had such short notice. But life happens. And sometimes busy gets busy and you’re just doing the best you can.

We’ve all heard it from famous people, in songs, in movies . . . the important thing in life is getting back up after you’ve been knocked down.

When you get off track, you just have to get back on!

So that is where this girl is at. About to get back on track tomorrow!

AND . . . my new gym has plyo boxes and ropes outside! I am super, super stoked to add these to my workout regime πŸ™‚

And stay tuned as I may be posting some vids of my favorite exercises!


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