Battling the Scale

At least that is how I almost felt when I got on the scale Monday morning for my bi-weekly weigh in. And then I remembered my goal is to put on some weight via building muscle. And lo and behold I had gained two pounds.

But, its difficult to keep perspective when you’ve spent your whole life terrified of that number going up instead of down. Takes a few minutes to re-orient my dissatisfaction with that number. Now, the true test is to see how my measurements pan out to help me understand what really happened to my body over the last two weeks. Fortunately for me I gained inches where it meant muscle gain (shoulders woohoo!), and lost a little whereΒ  there was fat. The differences were small, but at least it means my body is getting fitter and not fatter!

I guess what I’m saying is its not always about the scale. In fact, if I step on the scale too often I start to freak myself out. That is why I will only weigh myself every two weeks, first thing monday morning before I eat. But, really, the scale is not the sole determinate of how fit or not fit you are. Some people look skinny, but in fact are carrying a lot of fat. Some people look fat but have a ton of muscle.

Sometimes you may be working hard and not losing a pound, but inside of you, your body is putting on muscle and losing fat. That is why taking note of how your clothes fit, and taking body measurements and taking progress pictures can all give you a better idea of what you’re body is doing. So, don’t be afraid of that scale. Because even if you get on there and weigh more than you should, just use that as motivation to get in better shape. Don’t battle the scale for the rest of your life (the battle where you look at it and decide do I . . . or do I not get on that scale. Or do I . . . or do I not look at that number.Β  Do i . . . or do I not do anything about it). Win the battle. Just win the battle.




One thought on “Battling the Scale

  1. Wonderful how you are taking your experience to inspire others!

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