Up and Down

My mom would always say, “What goes up, must come down.”

Today I want to talk about the last 3 1/2 months or so of my training journey.Β  Right now I feel I am at a low point, mentally speaking, which is quite a normal phase to go through. Working out 5-6 days a week and eating on plan isn’t the easiest thing to do, and I’ve probably got the most ideal situation out of anyone (currently not working, so I’ve got a lot of free time on my hands, and only a husband and a puppy to take care of, which doesn’t require too much).

So we travel a lot and that makes things hard, but then I just have to prep for it and I’ll be fine.

What is really hard is when you’ve been so motivated, like at a level 10 for so long, and then all of a sudden that motivation slowly starts to sink lower and lower. Well, that is me. Don’t get me wrong, I love training and enjoy the progress I’m making (haven’t lost any weight, but have definitely lost inches and gained some muscle definition and strength!) but the reality is I just love eating food and a lot of it. So, like I said, what must go up must come down.

The last few weeks I have been struggling to stay on track and stick to my meal plan. I find excuses to sub foods more often than I should, and once I ate an unplanned Chic-Fil-A cookies and cream shake (because let’s face it, those things are the BOMB!)

I don’t want to eat just potatoes and chicken and avocado for dinner, I want a slice of cheesy pizza. And for breakfast I’d love a waffle covered in fresh fruit and syrup and whipped cream. And I want these things because I just do. I don’t want to weigh my food and put back the extra because it would be a gram too much. I just want to be lazy and not cook and eat things like pbj and cereal and chips and salsa.

Can you see i’m a carb lover at heart. (Seriously, if I didn’t limit my carb intake I’d gain 80 pounds in a week).

Even though I feel this way, I’m plodding along anyways. Because I remind myself of my goals. And my trainer reminds me that this phase is normal and that I’ll get out of it soon. Even though I want to indulge, I don’t. Because that would negate a lot of the work I’ve put in for the last 3 months. And I’ve worked pretty darn hard.

It’s like climbing a mountain. I’m not at the top yet, and sometimes things get rough, but as long as I put one foot in front of the other and keep my head up I’ll make it.

Just spouting some reality, you know. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy when its a change you’re making take place. So, take my advice, and pretend you’re just not to the top of the mountain yet, but you’re going to make it no matter what. And bring some friends along. Then, at least, you’ll have someone there to support you, and laugh with, and share the journey with.

Top of Angel's LandingTop of Angel’s Landing: Zion National Park


2 thoughts on “Up and Down

  1. I honestly believe that no one can be disciplined all the time – no one human that is. So be gentle with yourself and just get back on track. I do believe that things become easier: I used to find it so difficult to stay away from carbs, but now I would choose a plate of cauliflower mash or zucchini noodles over the regular plate fulls of carbs any day πŸ™‚

    • I need to try using veggies such as cauliflower and zucchini more often. I think it will take some time to adjust though!

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