Switching Things Up

So, a couple of weeks ago my gym decided it would be a good idea to switch things up a bit. And by switch things up I mean move around equipment, remove equipment, and move around the equipment some more.

At first I was super peeved. I wasn’t happy they were taking out 2 of the 4 row machines, a cable machine with weights in kilograms because my shoulders are too weak for the 5 pounds, and they took out the leg extension and leg curl that everyone uses and left the ones no one uses.

All last week I felt like I was transported back to my first day in the gym because I was wandering around looking for where they had put the equipment I needed. I probably spent a good extra 10-15 minutes just wandering around the gym. I felt lost! Haha

But, when it really came down to understanding the reasons they decided to make those changes, I was all game. And in reality, nothing could deter me from getting my work done! I love this quote because it rings true and keeps me going back.


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