Whack-a Pomegranate

Ok, so I’m going to teach you an amazing trick to de-seed a pomegranate in minutes. But, first . . .

Pomegranate is hands down one of my favorite fresh foods! I have such fond memories of receiving pomegranates from my grandma’s tree every fall season. I would always spend the time and patience to pick out every seed and collect them in a bowl just so I could eat them by the spoonful!

Pomegranates are an amazing super food. They offer so many health benefits because they are an antioxidant rich food that help with your heart, lowering cholesterol, and in some small ways counter attacks the affects of cancer. You can read more about the pomegranate health benefits here.

Basically you should be consuming more pomegranate and I’m here to help you! As much as I loved picking out each seed, it is such a time consuming task. And that is why I think most people don’t eat pomegranate as often as they should. Well, I recently found a YouTube video demonstrating how to make pomegranate prep more easy!

First,Β  make sure you are wearing something you don’t mind getting stained and grab one of these delicious things:


Cut it in half between the two navels (I think that’s what its called).

Cut Pomegranate

Hold one half of the pomegranate, cut side down, in the palm of your hand over a bowl.

Pomegranate In Half

Take a wooden spoon, and this is where the fun part comes in, and WHACK that pomegranate with the back of the wooden spoon. You’ll feel the seeds fall between your fingers into the bowl. Hold your fingers flat so you don’t hit them. I like to slowly rotate the pomegranate as I whack it. And trust me, when I say whack it, give it a good one!

Whack A Pomegranate

When you’re done whacking you’re pomegranate should look like this.



Bowl of Pomegranate Seeds

Or sprinkle them over a bowl of greek yogurt (my favorite!)

Yogurt with Pomegranate

Now you have no excuse not to be eating more pomegranate!

If you want to see that vid I was talking about, here it is!


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