Pushups Are My Nemesis

I really don’t like doing pushups. At all. I don’t know why, but anytime it is chest day I dread doing them at the end. Maybe because after fatiguing your chest muscles over and over again, it makes pushups that much harder.

But, its a pushup! Who can’t do at least one pushup? And they’re pretty easy to get better at, but I feel I never get better at them. Maybe it is a mind thing?

Once upon a time I could only do a few, and now I can do over 15 (that’s just a guesstimate) on a fresh set of muscles. I guess they’re just not my favorite. I keep doing them anyway because I believe in doing things you don’t like doing if it is only going to make you better or stronger. And then I tell myself if I keep doing them, maybe one day I’ll actually like them. We’ll see.

The hardest pushup I’ve ever done was here. Probably because I was really stretched out and had weak chest muscles. But, I did one!


Everyone has things they don’t like doing. But often times we have to do them anyway. Such is life! Once, upon time I hated running. So, I started running and kept running until I liked it. I guess I’m saying it is possible to enjoy things we don’t like. And in fact, when that transition happens, it just makes you a better person!


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