Sometimes I Miss Eating Cinnamon Life For Breakfast

Or . . . any meal for that matter. Seriously, Cinnamon Life is one of the best cereals ever made. (Up there with Honey Nut Chex, Blueberry Morning, Honey Bunches of Oats, and of course Lucky Charms).

Who doesn’t want to NOM on a bowl of this? I love cinnamon life so much I ate it for breakfast everyday for over a year. Never got sick of it once! Sometimes I’d cook up some eggs to go along, but usually it was just the cinnamon life, milk, and a spoon.

This was around the time I decided to sign up for a marathon and started training. In the first few months of training I decided I wanted to lose some weight too. Might as well since I was logging 15-30+ miles every week. Well, I wasn’t losing a pound. Not even after I’d be running 13+ miles on the weekend! I was flabbergasted and confused why I wasn’t losing weight. Sure, I was getting a little fitter, and faster, and helping my cardiovascular system a ton. But that fat would not budge! (Losing weight would also help me run faster. So they say. I think it’s a mind trick)

So, I hired a personal trainer to help me out with losing weight, and with the training I’d need for those longer runs. And guess what he did!? He replaced my Cinnamon Life with oatmeal and eggs, and my cow’s milk for almond milk. And the pounds just started dripping off!!! (Ok, so those weren’t the other things he changed. He also had me eating 6 meals a day and upped my lean protein intake, and cut out carbs at dinner. Goodbye pasta every night! And he had me do some supplemental weight training).

Ok, so all that combined helped me shed a few pounds (15 to be exact) in about 3 months. I was down with that.

I’ve since moved on to other things, and am working with a different trainer (who also makes me eat oatmeal and eggs for breakfast – but I do like oatmeal and eggs, which is a good thing given my situation).Β  And she also has me on a great meal plan full of yummy nutritional foods. And while I do enjoy eating healthy . . .

I still miss my Cinnamon Life and milk for breakfast.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Miss Eating Cinnamon Life For Breakfast

  1. Huge fan of oatmeal and eggs for breakfast! That’s what I’ve eaten almost every morning for years. I still need to work on the rest of my nutrition, but at least I start every day right. πŸ™‚

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