I Spy That Little Scoop . . . NOT!

I’ll give $10 to anyone who can spot the little red scoop in my new tub of protein!

protein tub








Ya, that is how I felt too after I couldn’t find it. And i dug around for a bit, with a butter knife of course and after awhile I eventually found it! (Jk it took seconds).

I am always so excited to get a new tub of protein powder! Mostly because I ran out yesterday, and i needed it for after my workout today and it came! And I decided to try a new brand on recommendation from my personal trainer, and it was pretty darn yummy! I’m all about good tasting protein powder.

So here’s the other thing I was thinking about after I opened my new tub of protein, about how frustrating it is that the scoop is hardly ever on the top. You think the scoop would be the LAST thing they put in the tub before sealing it up. Well, I’m sure it is, and the scoop slowly sinks to the bottom while it is being transported to its destination. But still, can’t someone invent a way it always comes to you on the top of all that powder?

But then . . . I thought about Cracker Jacks and toys in your cereal and how you have to dig through those (or eat away) until you find the prize! So maybe protein powder is an adults version of Cracker Jacks and Lucky Charms with the spoons that change color when you dip them in milk. Except, too bad the protein scoop doesn’t change colors. Maybe they should look into that.

Anyways, I had a good workout today, and probably won’t be able to use my arms much tomorrow (even though tomorrow is cleaning day) and I was SUPER excited to come home to try my new Dymatize Iso-100 Vanilla Protein Powder. All is well.


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