What The Heck! Who Needs A Good Title For The First Post?

My title is a cop-out because I couldn’t find a synonym with begin that I liked (English major problems). But, this isn’t about that at all.

So, funny story. Back when I was dating Sam, he took me to see the Blue Angels while they were practicing, which was pretty awesome! After the show we went to the base restaurant to grab some breakfast. Of course, I was on a diet and opted not to have orange juice with my breakfast even though I really, really wanted some. I looked at it and started singing, “juice, juice, I can’t have juice, because juice has too much sugar in it . . .” all to a made up tune of mine. And, I was singing this to myself, and later in the car where only Sam and I could hear. Anyways, we started joking about me writing a collection of songs about health, and fitness, and working out and titling the album: Fat Minded Skinny Girl. I don’t know how we came up with that name, only one thing lead to another in our conversation, and BOOM! There it was.

That name has stuck with me over the years (like two) and it wasn’t until I needed a snazzy name for my blog until I decided to put it to good use. Because, let’s face it, a collection of songs as described above wouldn’t make any top 10 charts.

The truth is I am fat-minded and have been my whole life. My favorite thing to do is read . . . which is usually done on a couch, or chair, or bed, or in a park for hours at a time (if you have hours at a time). I also love to eat sweet things, and lots of them like icecream, and cookies, and quality chocolate, and buttery popcorn, and cheesy pizza, oh wait those aren’t sweets . . . can you tell I’m hungry for fatty foods! And I love to bake and try new recipes and eat what I bake. My natural tendency inclines towards unhealthy things. Maybe it was the environment I grew up in, maybe because I just like those foods? Who knows.

So this is where Fit Girl comes in. I am not a skinny girl. Never was and never will be. But, I will say I am fit. All thanks to some motivation that kicked me into action a few years back (a story for another day). Even if my mind is fat-inclined, my actions are fit-inclined. Over the years fitness has become such an important part of my life and I need that SO badly to combat my fat-mindedness.

To make a long story longer, this blog is about my journey in fitness. Though it started a few years ago, I still feel that I am new to all of this. I have so much to learn, and so many goals to accomplish. I am doing things I never thought I could do, and so I dedicate this blog to sharing the wealth. Sharing my journey: the ups and the downs. And hopefully, I’ll be able to inspire some of you along the way!


One thought on “What The Heck! Who Needs A Good Title For The First Post?

  1. Great first entry! I was laughing and agreeing with you had to say! Keep it up! You are awesome!

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